Security and Efficiency Integrated Computer

The Security and Efficiency Integrated Computer includes all modules of the Janus Systems, that is the Maritime Security modules and the Ship Efficiency modules (see Janus Security and Efficiency Integrated Computer). These modules are:

  1. Static Calculations of the Intact Ship (stability and longitudinal strenght),
  2. Dinamic Calculations of the Intact Ship (stability in real time),
  3. Static Calculations of the Damage Ship (deterministic stability in ships with liquid cargo),
  4. Safe Return To Port with Damage Ship (with emergency responses),
  5. Control of Energy Efficiency (required in ships >5.000 GRT),
  6. Optimization of Energy Efficiency,
  7. Prediction of Machinery Failures (non-intrusive).

Undoubtedly integrating in a single system and therefore in a single Computer the Maritime Security Computer (also called of Loading Computer) and the ship's Efficiency Computer is an important differential advantage, since:

Has already been successfully on several ships.

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