Machinery failures prediction

The innovation of this module consists of analyzing machinery patterns and automatically detecting failures, considering their temporal information, frecuency data and external conditions. Currect ICTs allow predictive diagnostics to be analyzed remotely from the land, even online, to optimize maintenance and achieve maximum performance (see Control of Ship Efficiency).

It is one of the few non-intrusive condition monitoring techniques, which has begun to be applied in machines. This method only needs a speed sensor signal (magnetic or optical) to evaluate in detail the mechanical behavior of a machinery and diagnose injection, compression or valve condition failures, and damage to bearings / moving parts. The method can indicate the exact cylinder that is faulty, using an additional tracking sensor (TDC). Problems of imbalance, misalignment, clearances, frictions, bent shafts, eccentric pulleys, bearings and gears can be accurately diagnosed. The equipment that can be controlled includes steam and gas turbines, centrifugal pumps, fans, electric motors, rotary, screw and reciprocating compressors, mixers, ...

Advantages of this predictive strategy:



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